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Radiant Knight is my LowRez 2020 Game Jam submission made in 2 weeks.

You are the King's favored Knight. He has a quest of the utmost importance for you. Are you up to the task of stopping a dark mage and saving your kingdom? Pursue the mage through 3 unique dungeons.


WASD - move player

Left Click - melee attack

Right Click - dodge while moving/shoot while stationary

SPACE - action/use

Q - switch between melee weapons(once unlocked)

E = switch between ranged weapons(once unlocked)

M - opens/closes map

I - opens/closes inventory

ESC - save and exit game


Brandon Parmelee - Art and programming

Scott Kirkland - Music and sound


Although, complete(more or less) the game lacks some much-needed polish.  Let me know if you encounter any issues in the comment section so I may fix them.

If you're in a dungeon and want to leave at any moment before completing it, you can open your map and click the picture of the door in the bottom right corner. This will take you back out into the center of the overworld.

My good friend and I worked on this game together over 2 weeks. It was our first game jam and we learned a lot. But we had a blast doing it and are eager to learn from it and participate in more jams in the future!


Radiant Knight.zip 68 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip the folder and run Radiant Knight.exe. Sorry I only have a version for Windows at the moment.

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